Three Estate Planning Scenarios You Need To Think About

Preparing your estate for your eventual passing is a task that calls for a fair amount of planning. There is a wide range of issues to address, from tax liabilities to potential disputes among family members. With the guidance of an estate planning lawyer, you can tackle the following three scenarios that may come up. Paying the Tax Man When transferring your legacy, whether to descendants or charities, you'll want as much money and property to be put in their possession as possible. [Read More]

Tips For Making Important Decisions During A Divorce

In order to get through your divorce, you'll need to make a number of important decisions. Unfortunately, a lot of them will be difficult to make — especially if you don't possess a significant amount of ill will toward your spouse. It's important to talk to your divorce attorney about any struggles that you're having when it comes to making any decision. He or she will gently point out details that you might not have considered, and provide options to you based on how other clients have proceeded in the past. [Read More]

3 Tough Matters A Family Lawyer Can Handle During A Divorce

Divorce is never an ideal situation. It can hurt you emotionally, financially, and even physically. Fortunately, you can deal with this ordeal a lot better when you get help from a family attorney. They'll help you sort through the following difficult matters. 1. Child Custody  If you have children, divorces can be emotionally traumatic for everyone. You want custody of them and so probably does your spouse. Who should be granted custody? [Read More]

Money Matters That May Complicate A Divorce

If you and your spouse no longer get along and are thinking of getting a divorce, then there are a few things that can truly complicate the matter. Many of these complications involve money. Keep reading to learn about a few money matters that can complicate a divorce and how you can make the process a bit easier. Pensions If you or your spouse have a job that involves public service or the government, then you may have a pension waiting for you that pays out at the time you retire. [Read More]