Hidden Assets And Your Divorce: What You Need To Know

One of the biggest problems associated with getting a divorce is being the "out-spouse", which is to say, the spouse that earns less money, and therefore more likely to be left with less total assets after the divorce is finalized. The fact of the matter is that many spouses that have more in the way of assets tend to hide such things from their out-spouse. Luckily, there are many things legally available to the out-spouse that helps them to discover their assets. [Read More]

Understanding Medical Malpractice And What It Takes To Make A Case

If you have experienced a negative outcome to surgery or other medical treatment, you may be considering filing a medical malpractice suit against your doctor or medical facility. While this is an option when things go wrong, a negative outcome does not necessarily equate to malpractice. There are some conditions that must be met in order for your case to qualify as malpractice. What is malpractice? Medical malpractice refers to negligence or omission by a medical professional or medical facility that results in injury to a patient. [Read More]

Preventing Hearing Loss In Your Employees

As a business-owner or manager, you undoubtedly take steps to keep your employees safe and healthy. The last thing you want is an employee to be injured while on the job. One type of safety that is easy to overlook is hearing safety. Exposure to loud or prolonged noises can cause hearing loss and chronic tinnitus (a ringing, buzzing or other constant sound in one or both ears). Consider these tips to help protect your workers and keep yourself and your business out of a workers' compensation claim. [Read More]

Things To Watch Out For And Report If You Witness A Trucking Accident

Did you know that more than 100,000 people are injured in trucking accidents each year in the United States? Truck crashes happen 11 times per day, on average, and 4,000 people are killed each year by these terrible collisions. There are many different factors that contribute to trucking accidents, and injury cases often rely on the testimony of witnesses to help determine who is at fault. Thus, if you happen to witness a trucking accident, it's important that you keep a lookout for these potential contributing factors and let law enforcement know what you saw. [Read More]