Plaintiff Categorization In Premise Liability Cases

Premises liability laws categorize injury victims into three groups. The category determines the duty of care, and hence liability, of the defendant towards the accident victim. Below is an overview of these three categories. Invitees An invitee is anyone who is on the property at the invitation of the property owner. There is no difference between express and implied invitation. An express invitation is one where the property owner specifically asks the visitor to their property. [Read More]

Are There Any Alternatives To Divorce?

If you keep having thoughts about a divorce lately, it is perhaps because you are experiencing significant problems in your marriage. A lot of couples go through difficult times in their marriages, and many will end up seeking a divorce at some point or another. If you are not sure if a divorce is the best option for you, though, you might want to know if there are alternative options. There is not a solution that is equivalent to divorce, but here are a few options that are closely related. [Read More]

4 Ways A Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

Being involved in a car accident can be incredibly scary and traumatizing. No matter what kind of vehicle accident you're involved in, you'll want to reach out to a car accident attorney. Many people who ignore the need to get legal guidance find that they don't get the best outcome after the accident. An attorney is there to guide you towards making the right choices and they can fight so that you get the benefits that you deserve. [Read More]

How Standing Is Proven In Wrongful Death Case

When someone sits down with a wrongful death lawyer to discuss the possibility of pressing a claim or a lawsuit, one of the first issues that have to be sorted out is legal standing. In American law, standing is the idea that someone is the right person to bring a case. Simply asserting that you have the right isn't always enough, and you may have to prove that you do. [Read More]