How To Protect Yourself From Age Discrimination

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act was passed into law in 1967. In the time since, many workers have continued to struggle with the perception that their age was a driving factor in them being fired, passed over for promotion or assigned to less desirable duties. If you're worried that you may have been the victim of age discrimination, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with ways you can protect your rights. [Read More]

Steps To Take When You See Signs Of Human Smuggling On Land That You Own

Human smuggling is a serious crime, and one which people who live adjacent to international borders should be aware of. If you have property in such a location, there's a chance that human smugglers are traversing your land with their cargo. Being unaware of this situation won't land you in any trouble, but if a smuggler were to be arrested and dishonestly state that you were providing your land for this purpose, a serious investigation could follow and potential charges may result. [Read More]

Can SSDI Deny A Claim Because You Carry Private Insurance?

Having disability insurance can set your mind at ease, especially if you have both private disability insurance in combination with eligibility to file for a state or federal disability program like Social Security Disability. However, once you do file a claim, it's not unusual for insurers, including SSDI, to reject your claim. People often wonder if applying for both SSDI and a private claim can result in only one claim being accepted, but that's not the case. [Read More]

4 Reasons To Trademark Your Small Business

Should you trademark your new small business? In short — absolutely. A trademark is essential whether the company is new or old, large or small. Learn why it's so critical if you want to be successful. 1. Similar Practices or Products If your business closely mimics the practices or product or service options of another company, it is a good idea to file a trademark. A trademark is a way to legally separate your business activities from the competition because it solidifies that while your business might closely resemble another company, it is, in fact, its own entity operating with an original idea. [Read More]