Taming Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Wildcard Exemptions

If you have been putting off filing for bankruptcy because of fears of losing property, you might want to gain a better of understanding of exemptions. Exemptions allow filers to retain their property, but the way they work can be confusing. The below information should help you to better understand exemptions in general and special wildcard exemptions in particular. Understanding Property Loss and Exemptions Make no mistake about it — nothing gets rid of debt like a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. [Read More]

What To Know About Getting Legal Help For SSI Benefits

Getting injured is a scary situation to get into when someone has bills to pay, whether it be due to having an accident at work or becoming disabled. Fortunately, it is possible for many people in such a situation to apply for Social Security disability benefits to continue bringing in an income when working is no longer possible. The only problem with filing for SSI benefits is that getting approved isn't always an easy task, especially if the process isn't handled the right way. [Read More]

Don't Become The Victim Of Parental Alienation

Unfortunately, during many divorces and afterward, one parent might attempt to alienate their child against you. They might use emotional manipulation or tell your child selective facts to make your child not want to have anything to do with you. This is especially a problem when you do not have custody and your child depends on your ex for resources and love. Parental alienation can also occur on its own without the meddling of your spouse. [Read More]

Experiencing Hair Loss And Inflammation From A Beauty Product? You Need To Meet With A Personal Injury Attorney

Did you use a product that should have helped your hair grow faster like it claimed, but it did the exact opposite? Have you since experienced welts on your scalp, significant hair loss, and additional irritation? If so, you might want to talk with a personal injury attorney. When a company claims that their products will do certain things for those who use them, and they fail to do so while also causing harm, those products are defective. [Read More]