Tips To Pursue A Truck Accident Case

More than 4,000 people died in commercial truck accidents in a single year recently. Property damage and personal injuries are always a big factor in these accidents even when they aren't fatal. This is a measure of risk you're always dealing with when you drive trucks for a living. Following sound legal advice will help you rebuild after an accident. The tips below will help with your legal needs. 

Follow the law when filing and responding to a truck accident

You're obligated by law to report your truck accident to the state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Each state has different reporting timetables for truck accidents. For example, California states that you need to report the wreck within 24 hours of it occurring. 

After the wreck, get away from the truck if it is in a dangerous position or if you're in harm's way. Check the condition of the other driver, but don't apologize for the accident or offer any statements that could convey guilt. Radio or call the authorities to the scene so that you can get an accident report filled out. 

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) standards and protocols should be followed when filling out an accident report. This way, all pertinent information will be recorded and you'll also have some details to help with a legal case. 

Address your medical conditions as quickly as possible. This may involve emergency transport if you have immediately noticeable injuries. Expect to pay approximately $250 in insurance co-pays for your emergency room visit.

Retain seasoned legal assistance to handle your truck accident case

Contact some seasoned lawyers that specialize in truck accident cases. Don't worry about out of pocket costs, since truck accident attorneys charge a flat percentage that is due after your case is won. 

In the meantime, these lawyers will protect your interests to help you properly get paid. They'll be responsible for writing reports, gathering evidence, contacting witnesses, and negotiating fair settlement amounts for you.  

Think about how you'll replace your truck and continue your career

Consider how you're going to move forward in your truck driving career after the wreck. Taking care of your recovery will be your first order of business. Spend your payout money wisely to account for doctor bills and physical therapy. You'll pay about $1,000 for a series of ten different physical therapy appointments. 

Make sure to also spend money on upgrades and to replace your truck if needed. Upgrade to a brand new, top of the line truck when possible. It costs about $125,000 to replace a commercial truck, so shop around. 

Use these tips to respond to a truck accident case and get in touch with a truck accident lawyer today.