Social Media And Your Personal Injury Case

If you are the victim of a personal injury case, it's so important that you take the right steps to prove your case in order to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. There are many ways in which you can damage your case without even realizing it. This includes simply missing a doctor appointment, which the opposing party can use against you. The biggest mishap in these cases, however, comes from social media. Many people don't realize just how much what they post can be used. Here's what you must know:

Social Media Posts are Admissible in Court

First off, you should know that anything you post on social media is admissible in court, so if the opposing party uses what you have posted against you, it will be seen as proven testimony. For this reason, you want to be fully aware of what you are posting before you post it and ensure that it's not something that can be used against you. 

Social Media Could be Used to Your Benefit

Social media isn't all bad, though, especially when it comes to what has been posted by the person who caused the injury. If that person has admitted fault, for example, in a social media post, you can use this. You can also use what you have posted to establish a timeline and to provide proof and evidence through photos you have posted. 

Social Media Should be Avoided

Even though social media could benefit your case, it should simply be avoided. Even the smallest of posts that may seem like nothing could end up being used against you. If you are able to avoid social media until your case is resolved, it's probably going to be best for the case overall. 

Don't Let Friends Tag You

Finally, the most important thing is to talk with friends and family about not tagging you in any posts, especially if those posts show photos of you being active in any way. If you are tagged, it can easily be traced to you by the opposite party in your case. They also shouldn't tag you into any locations if those locations show that you have traveled a distance or it's a place that is associated with activity, such as a theme park, campsite, or hiking trail. 

When it comes to social media, if you are a fairly active person on any kind of platform, you must talk with your personal injury attorney both before posting and if you have already made the mistake of posting something that could be used against you. 

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