That's Private! How A Privacy Breach Becomes Medical Malpractice

For most people, when they think about medical malpractice, they think about mistakes made in diagnosis and treatment. However, medical malpractice goes far beyond just diagnosis and treatment. Medical malpractice can extend to any kind of mistakes made by your doctor, including breach of privacy. Here are a few things that you need to know about breach of privacy and your doctor. What Is Privacy Breach Medical Malpractice? Your relationship with your doctor is bound by HIPPA, which means sticking to some strict privacy rules. [Read More]

When To Obtain Labor Litigation Services

As a business owner, if you have employees working for you, it is important to know that there might come a day when you are facing some legal problems from claims made by a previous employee. There are labor litigation services for this type of situation specifically. To help you know when you should call to arrange an appointment with a firm that offers such services, you will want to learn about the situations that you may face to cause you to get legal assistance. [Read More]

Debunking 3 Common Speeding Ticket Myths

If you were recently pulled over because you were driving over the speed limit, you may have received a ticket. A speeding ticket is not necessarily the end of the world, but it is a violation that you will need to address. Unfortunately, most drivers do not fully understand these common traffic violations. This guide will help you understand the truth about a few speeding ticket myths. Police Have Ticket Quotas to Meet [Read More]

How To Protect Yourself From Age Discrimination

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act was passed into law in 1967. In the time since, many workers have continued to struggle with the perception that their age was a driving factor in them being fired, passed over for promotion or assigned to less desirable duties. If you're worried that you may have been the victim of age discrimination, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with ways you can protect your rights. [Read More]