Suffer A Spinal Cord Injury? Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

Out of all of the injuries the human body can endure, an injury to the spinal cord can be especially traumatic, both from a physical and mental standpoint. Damaging your spinal cord could limit your movement capabilities, either for the short or long-term. Here's more about what causes these injuries to occur and what you can do about it if you were injured by someone else's carelessness. What Causes Spinal Cord Injuries? [Read More]

Getting A Motorcycle? Tips On What To Do Before And After An Accident

Purchasing a brand-new motorcycle can be quite exciting; but, before you go joyriding, there are some safety precautions you need to take. According to, people on motorcycles on motorcycles are more likely to be injured or killed than those in cars. In fact, the fatality rate was twenty-nine times higher than cars! While this statistic isn't meant to put a downer on your purchase, it should encourage you to take actions before an accident. [Read More]

Slip And Fall Accidents: 4 Reasons Why Stairs Are Sometimes Defective

If you slip and fall on a staircase, you may want to file a lawsuit against the property owner to claim back the cost of any medical bills and lost wages. If you take legal action, the defendant's attorney will probably try to show that the defendant wasn't negligent, but to counter this, your attorney will need to show that the stairway was defective in some way. If you've suffered a slip and fall accident on a stairway, consider the four following circumstances that could help you win your case. [Read More]

What You Need To Know About Vehicle Recalls

In order to keep people safe while on the road, car manufacturers must let people know if their vehicles have a problem that could lead to a car accident or other safety hazard. This is generally done through the process of putting out a "recall." What this means is that if a car part is found to be defective in certain vehicles after the vehicles are sold, the owners are told to bring in their cars to a dealership or a certain garage for a free repair or part replacement. [Read More]