Get Help From An Attorney After A Work Accident

Unfortunately, getting hurt at work does happen. This is especially true if you work in an industrial setting. Those injuries are usually minor, such as a small cut, bump, or bruise. You can document those and just go on about your day. However, sometimes those injuries aren't minor, and you have to go get medical treatment for it. It could be as simple as a few stitches or as severe as surgery and long recovery times. If you were injured at work through no fault of your own, you should get coverage through your company's worker's compensation insurance. They may want to give you something other than what you are entitled to because of your accident. That's when you need to have an attorney. You can give your attorney some information that will help with your case. 

Brief Synopsis  

One of the things that you should give to your attorney, especially when you are interviewing attorneys, is a brief synopsis of what happened. Your synopsis should give the basic information about the accident, your health issues, what you have tried to get relief from the worker's comp insurance company, and any new limitations because of your accident. It should be brief because your attorney will want to get through that quickly. It should also be in order as much as possible. 

Medical Information

You should also bring your medical information to your attorney. At some point, they may want access to your medical records relating to your accident, but the basic information should work at the beginning. Your attorney may ask you to sign a release at your doctor's office. The release will allow your doctor to talk to your lawyer and answer their questions. Without that release, your lawyer can ask all the questions they want, but the doctor can't say anything about your or your case. You can specify what your doctor can talk to the lawyer about and how long the release will last. The standard time period is one year, but you can also shorten that to a few months if you prefer. You can also specify that your doctor can only talk about the accident and its effect on your health. 

If you have gotten injured at work, you may have difficulty getting what you are entitled to. An attorney can help you with that. They can go to the worker's comp company and negotiate with them to get you what you deserve due to your accident. 

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