Who Is At Fault After An Accident Involving A Left-Hand Turn?

Making a left-hand turn is often nerve-wracking because you need to cross multiple lanes to perform the turn. For this reason, when you are traveling down the road and another motorist suddenly decides to make a left-hand turn, you may find yourself in an accident. Then, you will need help from a vehicle accident lawyer.

Left-Hand Turns Can Be Dangerous

When a driver makes a left-hand turn, you may be forced to hit the brakes to avoid colliding with their vehicle. However, this can be difficult because the driver might make the turn suddenly. Also, on a rainy day, the slick roads might cause your car to fail to stop in time.

When a driver makes a left-hand turn, they are almost always at fault for the accident. If the driver is making a protected left-hand turn at a stoplight or if you were running a stop sign while the other driver was making a left-hand turn, you might be at fault. However, in most other cases, the driver making the left-hand turn will be at fault and should have waited until it was safe to make a left-hand turn.

Don't Get Blamed for the Accident

If you are being accused of causing the accident at a four-way stop sign or at a traffic light, you will want to speak with a vehicle accident lawyer about how you can fight your case. You may need witnesses to testify to your version of the events. Also, with evidence gathered from the scene of the accident, an accident deconstructionist may be able to show that only your version of the events makes sense.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

A left-hand accident can lead to serious injuries and it's important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible regardless of whether you think you are injured or not. Failing to seek compensation for your injuries will increase the odds that your injuries will worsen and could also jeopardize your case.

After you have received treatment for your injuries, you will have medical evidence to prove that you have suffered damages and your vehicle accident attorney will then be able to help you negotiate a settlement. 

Negotiate Your Settlement

Your attorney will negotiate a settlement by first calculating the damages you have suffered. Then, your attorney will send a settlement offer to the other driver's insurance provider with the goal of resolving your case with the largest settlement possible.

Contact a vehicle accident attorney to learn more.