4 Ways A Felony Attorney Can Help You In A Pending Felony Case

If you are facing a felony charge(s), do not make the mistake of not seeking legal counsel. Some individuals do not make an attempt to get a lawyer because they feel like it is too expensive. However, it is worth considering the life-altering consequences of felony convictions. Perhaps you already have convictions on your criminal record and feel as though more won't matter. This erroneous thinking can negatively impact your future and cause you to miss opportunities such as getting a job in certain fields. Unfortunately, too many felonies can result in longer and harsher future sentences. The following points identify a few benefits of hiring felony attorneys.

Understand the Charges

Perhaps you are thinking that your charges are not serious felonies. You may have heard stories about other individuals with similar charges getting acquitted or getting their charges reduced. Judges review each situation on a case-by-case basis. Some defendants may get maximum sentences and others might get sentenced based on the minimum outlined in statutes for the alleged crimes. It is also possible that the individuals you are comparing your case to had legal representation. Whatever the case, it's best to have a felony lawyer help you out.

Understand Potential Plea or Conviction Outcomes

Felony attorneys usually are familiar with prosecutors. Their experience can aid them in being able to determine what kind of plea deals you could take if the state offers any. If the state is unwilling to offer a plea deal or offer one acceptable to you, an attorney can explain the potential penalties of a conviction. It is not abnormal for the state to offer several plea deals while a case is still in pending phases. Sometimes a final plea may be offered on the day that a case is set to go to trial.

Negotiate Reduced Charges

Your chances of convincing a prosecutor to reduce your charges are unlikely. You might even provide them with information that could strengthen their case against you. A felony lawyer can attempt to negotiate with the state for reduced charges. They will know how to ensure that the integrity of the case is not harmed during negotiations, and they are aware of protecting certain details.

Evidence Suppression

Even if there is strong evidence of your guilt the evidence could be suppressed. Felony lawyers can file motions to suppress evidence when there is proof that law enforcement showed signs of misconduct. Some actions such as illegal search and seizure can be viewed as unlawful. In this situation, a judge can accept or deny a motion. If it is accepted, the information obtained cannot be used against you. 

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