Fighting Drug Possession Charges May Be The Most Important Thing You Do

When you are facing serious charges associated with drugs, you may feel that your head is spinning. You could be facing serious consequences, and it's possible that you do not even know what you are up against.

Are you looking for help fighting charges of drug possession? Hiring a lawyer may be the right call. Before you do that, here's what you should know about drug possession charges.

Your Future Is at Stake

Drug possession allegations threaten your future. Not only could you face a heavy financial toll, but you could also be facing a lot of time spent in jail or prison. Even a non-violent offense could mean that you spend time behind bars.

Additionally, prosecutors often try to prove that an individual had the intent to sell drugs they were in possession of. This tacks on additional charges — and more severe punishments. This stays on your record for the rest of your life.

Controlled Substance Varieties Impact Your Case

Controlled substances are widespread in many forms, but the type of substance you are accused of possessing makes a huge difference. If you are accused of having marijuana, for example, your potential sentence could look very different than if you are accused of having something like methamphetamine or oxycodone.

Each state is different. For example, you could face very different consequences in states that prioritize possession of certain substances. As an example, some states allow possession of marijuana up to a certain amount. In other states, marijuana possession could still lead to a jail sentence and hefty fines.

What Exactly Could You Face?

You may not know the potential consequences you face until you hear it from a judge. Your lawyer can prepare you for the future, informing you of the maximum sentence you could face. Your lawyer does their best to ensure that you do not face the maximum sentence.

So, you should know that you could face thousands of dollars in fines even for something like marijuana. You could face years, even decades, in jail for possession of specific substances. This impacts your career, your education, and so many other facets of life. Having a quality defense team is critical.

Contact a Drug Possession Lawyer Today

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