Experiencing Hair Loss And Inflammation From A Beauty Product? You Need To Meet With A Personal Injury Attorney

Did you use a product that should have helped your hair grow faster like it claimed, but it did the exact opposite? Have you since experienced welts on your scalp, significant hair loss, and additional irritation? If so, you might want to talk with a personal injury attorney. When a company claims that their products will do certain things for those who use them, and they fail to do so while also causing harm, those products are defective. If you get an attorney involved, you could file a lawsuit for all the damages the product has caused since you used it.

Will a Lawsuit Help?

After using a defective product for your hair, the aftermath of it may have been incredibly traumatic. If your hair started to fall out in clumps and your scalp become severely irritated, you were not just dealing with the physical paint, but also the emotional pain of losing something important to you. A lawsuit might not get your hair to grow back faster, but it can prevent the company from selling defective products and making false claims that could destroy a consumer's hair. It would potentially help you receive a large sum of money for your horrific experience.

What Needs to Happen to Get the Lawsuit Started?

A few things must happen for the lawsuit to get started. It would help if you documented everything that is happening with your hair by taking photos of your hair and scalp. The images will show what types of damage the product caused to your hair. In addition to taking pictures to have as evidence, you must also do the following things:

  • Attend a meeting with a personal injury attorney to talk about the product used and the side effects you have experienced from it
  • Provide your attorney with photos and any other evidence you might have
  • Give your attorney time to review the claims made by the company and the ingredients listed in the product you purchased for your hair
  • Have the lawsuit filed by the attorney against the company's owners with statements on the reason for filing

After the attorney files for you, the company will learn about the lawsuit and try to settle or go to court. Your attorney can help you with either option, whether it involves agreeing to a settlement or going through a court battle to get what you rightfully deserve from the company after their product caused so much damage.

If you trust a hair product because of the company's claims, use it, and it causes damage in any way, you might need to get a personal injury attorney involved. Dealing with hair loss, inflammation, and additional harmful side effects is not something you should have to go through, so filing a lawsuit for damages is often the best thing to do.

For more information about having a personal injury attorney assist you in a lawsuit, contact a local law office.