Are There Any Alternatives To Divorce?

If you keep having thoughts about a divorce lately, it is perhaps because you are experiencing significant problems in your marriage. A lot of couples go through difficult times in their marriages, and many will end up seeking a divorce at some point or another. If you are not sure if a divorce is the best option for you, though, you might want to know if there are alternative options. There is not a solution that is equivalent to divorce, but here are a few options that are closely related.

Marriage Counseling Services

Every marriage will experience troubling events and seasons in life; that is just a fact of life, and this is a reason you should not instantly rush into divorce. If you just started experiencing conflict in your relationship or if a major event caused distrust, a good place to start is marriage counseling services.

Attending sessions on your own or with your spouse might prove to be beneficial for each of you and your relationship. A therapist can help you see things from a different perspective and can help you find ways to improve your communication skills. Learning these skills is a vital tool you can utilize for the rest of your life, and doing so could help you save your marriage.

Legal Separation

If you already tried therapy and still feel like you want to split up, you could pursue legal separation instead. Getting legally separated is as close to divorce as possible, yet you are still married in terms of the legal definition of marriage.

The significant benefit of legal separation is the agreement it allows you to create. You can set up arrangements for how you will handle things such as child custody and debt payments. When the court approves your agreement, both spouses must legally follow it. You cannot get an agreement like this if you separate without handling it legally through the court system.

Why Divorce Is Different from These Options

Divorce is different from these options in one way. It ends the marriage completely. You cannot reverse a divorce once the judge approves it, while you can stop a legal separation by requesting the court to end it for you.

Keep in mind that you can also annul a marriage if you meet the legal requirements in your state. If you need more information about legal separation, divorce, or other options, contact a divorce lawyer today.