Pros And Cons Of Keeping Your Children Together During A Divorce

One of the biggest custody-related decisions that you'll face when you and your spouse are divorcing is whether or not you should keep your children together or each have one live with you part of the time and then switch. It may seem logical to do so, but there are some arguments that one of you might make against this decision, too. It's worthwhile to consult your family and divorce lawyer to get his or her insight, as well as to thoroughly discuss the following pros and cons.

Pro: They'll Have Each Other

There's no disputing that divorce is not only a difficult time for you and your spouse, but also for your children. Even if they're not extremely close, you may find that they can successfully lean on each other to get through this difficult part of their lives — and this is mainly possible when you choose to keep them together.

Con: It May Seem Overwhelming

When you get divorced and have your children even part of the time, you're going from sharing the parenting duties to essentially performing all of the parenting duties while your children are under your roof. It can be overwhelming to raise both children. Things such as preparing meals, helping with homework, and more, can all feel difficult. In such a scenario, splitting the children between you and your spouse may be easier.

Pro: Things Will Feel More Normal

It can be hard to attain feelings of normalcy during a divorce, and splitting your children up certainly won't help. Things won't feel normal when your kids are used to being together after school and on the weekends, and are suddenly in separate homes. Deciding to keep your children together after you divorce makes their lives feel more normal to them, and this is important at any age.

Con: There Can Be Scheduling Issues

If you opt to keep your kids together and you have them both for a set period of time, there may be scheduling issues that could affect your ability to provide care for them. For example, if your children attend different schools and need to be dropped off in the morning at similar times, this can be a logistical issue. Similarly, if they have activities in the evening that begin at the same time, you may find that it's nearly impossible to get them where they both need to be at the right time.