4 Parts of the Discovery Stage When Filing a Lawsuit About Your Car Accident

Being part of car collision is sure to be one of the more challenging days in life. This can create a lot of challenges in life, and you may need to take legal action against the other driver. The good news is you will have time to prove your case during the discovery stage. However, you should know there are several parts to this process that you may want to know about beforehand.

Request for admission statements

You will be asked to answer some questions during this part of civil litigation. One of these includes the request for admission statements, and this is the time when you'll either need to admit or deny a variety of occurrences during the accident.

Written interrogatories

You should be prepared to answer some questions pertaining to your accident. These are referred to as written interrogatories and this consists of many inquiries you must acknowledge.

It's essential to the outcome of your case to provide detailed responses that are truthful. Listed below are some questions you may be asked:

  • Did you have any passengers with you when the accident occurred?
  • Was there a police report written up after this happened?
  • Were there any witnesses present the day of the collision?
  • What was the time and date of the wreck?

The deposition

One of the most anxiety-inducing times of this part of the lawsuit is the deposition. This is when you will have to meet with the other party's lawyer face-to-face.

You will be sworn in under oath, and it's your duty to answer every question that you're asked truthfully. Keep in mind there will be a full transcript of this meeting, and it will be sent to the court if your case goes to trial.

Request for production documents

The time to submit your medical receipts lost wages and other financial setbacks is during this stage. You should provide any documents that could help build your case.

Don't forget to add up a number of your financial losses and create a professional report of these. Doing so could help your case appear more credible.

Taking time to recover lost finances after a car accident is crucial for getting on with your life. The best way to do so for most people is by taking legal action. Contact an auto accident attorney through firms like Loughlin Fitzgerald P C if you want to learn more about the process.