Keep The Merry In The Holidays But Do Not Drink And Drive

From the company holiday parties, to family functions, alcohol tends to flow a little more freely during the holidays. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you do not get behind the wheel after you drink.

Anyone who chooses to get behind the wheel after taking a drink can be guilty of driving under the influence. Although, it takes a blood alcohol level of .08 in all fifty states to be charged with the crime, that does not mean that your actions will not be impaired at a much lower level. This is especially true if you are not used to drinking at all.

Why Do People Drink More During The Holidays?

Many holiday traditions involve some type of alcohol. From the various wines that are served with dinner to those that you match up with dessert, it is easy to drink more than you intended to.

  • Unfortunately, many people do not understand that the only way to get rid of the alcohol once you drink it, is with time. This is something that is often in short supply during the holidays, when you are committed to being at one function after another.
  • Many people drink during the holidays because of the ease of access they have to alcohol. Sometimes it seems that everywhere you go, someone is encouraging you to celebrate with them.
  • Some people are simply trying to handle the stresses that come along with the holidays. These problems can be just as varied as the people who experience them. From family conflicts and crisis, to financial issues that come from the increased spending.
  • People who normally drink have a tendency to drink more because others are willing to drink with them. Those who do not normally drink, sometimes feel pressured into participating in the camaraderie and festivities by taking a drink. Many times those that are drinking justify their actions by thinking that one little drink is not going to hurt anyone.

Who Are You Hurting?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2012, 10,322 people died in alcohol related crashes.  As large as this number is, it does not come close to the hundreds of thousands that are injured, but who did not die. Everyone one of these people was connected to a family that was impacted by their injuries. Even those who did not die very often had their lives completely changed by the injuries that were an outcome of the accident. 

Many times those who drink and drive, do not think about the ramifications of their actions. Not only are they creating a threat to their own life, they are potentially affecting the lives of everyone that they come in contact with. Talk to a DUI attorney if you have more ideas about other possible repercussions.

What Can You Do?

Have a plan before you ever leave home. Know where you are going, and what you are planning on doing once you get there. If you plan to drink, ensure that you have a driver, or a way home.

Know where you will eat. Make sure that you put food in your stomach before you begin to drink. Having food in your stomach will keep the alcohol from entering your bloodstream as quickly as it would on an empty stomach.

Keep cab fare on you. That way, if you are separated from your designated driver for any reason you will still have a ride home. No cab fare, no problem. Did you know that there are organizations that will take you home for free, or for a fee that can be paid in advance? Forty-six states have organizations that will not only take you home, but will ensure that you are able to get back to your car the following day. 

Look out for your friends. It is really a true statement that friends do not let friends drive drunk. Your intervention may keep your friendship alive much longer.