Pros And Cons Of Keeping Your Children Together During A Divorce

One of the biggest custody-related decisions that you'll face when you and your spouse are divorcing is whether or not you should keep your children together or each have one live with you part of the time and then switch. It may seem logical to do so, but there are some arguments that one of you might make against this decision, too. It's worthwhile to consult your family and divorce lawyer to get his or her insight, as well as to thoroughly discuss the following pros and cons. [Read More]

Has A Car Accident Flipped Your Life Upside Down? 3 Important Questions To Ask A Lawyer Now

Have you missed out on months of your life because of the injuries that were caused by a bad car accident? Although you can't get this time back, you want to be able to move on with your life from that point forward. It's important to consult with a lawyer to get the help that you need to get compensated for the accident that took place, and so you can get money to help with the storm you have been through financially and with stress after the accident. [Read More]

Did Your Birth Plan Not Go According To Plan? Analyzing Potential Birth-Injury Malpractice Claims

Whether you're a first-time mother or have a passel of kids at home, giving birth is a unique and life-changing experience. Unfortunately, in some situations, even the best-laid birth plans may go awry. Bringing a healthy infant home is always a good outcome, but in some cases, the emotional trauma that can result from having your wishes ignored may leave lasting scars. Do you have any legal options after a particularly traumatic birth experience? [Read More]

Not Guilty As Charged: Defending Your DUI Charge

Being arrested for driving under the influence can happen to the most conscientious of people, and you should understand that being arrested is not the end of the world. In fact, there are several steps in the justice system that serves to protect those accused of crimes, and one of the most important is the right to mount a vigorous defense against charges. If you have been arrested for DUI, you must focus on clearing your name and getting professional legal representation. [Read More]