3 Expanded Benefits After You've Been Approved For Social Security Disability Payments

Getting through the social security disability approval process is hard enough as it is. Once you've been approved and start receiving payments, it's important to know your rights as someone claiming disability. Instead of feeling like you're stuck in a box, there are expanded services and features available to people receiving social security disability payments. By working with a social security attorney, you can sort through these different issues and ensure that your social security payments remain in good standing while giving you other opportunities. [Read More]

Slip And Fall Accidents: 4 Reasons Why Stairs Are Sometimes Defective

If you slip and fall on a staircase, you may want to file a lawsuit against the property owner to claim back the cost of any medical bills and lost wages. If you take legal action, the defendant's attorney will probably try to show that the defendant wasn't negligent, but to counter this, your attorney will need to show that the stairway was defective in some way. If you've suffered a slip and fall accident on a stairway, consider the four following circumstances that could help you win your case. [Read More]

Zebras In Danger—What Refs Should Do If They Are Assaulted During a Youth Sports Game

Out-of-control parents and violent players have often made being a referee for youth sports games a dangerous activity. In September 2015, for instance, a San Antonio, Texas, high school assistant coach allegedly ordered two of his players to target an official during a game. During the incident, which was caught on video, one player slammed the referee to the ground, while another hit him again while he was still down. From the video, the act appeared intentional, and the players later claimed that they were following the instructions of an assistant coach. [Read More]

How Commercial Litigation Could Help Your Company Avoid Bankruptcy

When your business is short on cash and owes a lot of money to creditors, bankruptcy is an option you might be considering. Bankruptcy is available for businesses that are having major financial problems, but it is not the only option. If your business files bankruptcy, there will be consequences, and this is why you may want to know what alternative options you have to save your struggling business. One option you could consider is commercial litigation. [Read More]