What Should You Do if Someone Who Owes You Money Declares Bankruptcy?

If you've lent money to a family member to help save a struggling business or to a friend who is going through a difficult divorce, you were likely glad to be in a position to assist—but still count on eventual repayment. You may be dismayed to find out that the person who still owes you money recently filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Will your debt be considered a valid part of your friend or relative's bankruptcy case, or are you out of luck unless the debtor voluntarily decides to repay you later? [Read More]

Divorcing A Civilian Spouse? How Can You Protect Your Pension?

If you've recently returned from a lengthy deployment to a marriage that is on rocky grounds, you're not alone. Whether due to infidelity or simply lives growing apart with the distance, studies have shown that months upon months of deployment can significantly increase the risk of divorce for military couples -- particularly those in which the service member is female or both spouses are members of the military. If you're talking divorce with your spouse, you may be concerned about protecting the assets you've earned during your marriage, especially your military pension. [Read More]