Fighting Drug Possession Charges May Be The Most Important Thing You Do

When you are facing serious charges associated with drugs, you may feel that your head is spinning. You could be facing serious consequences, and it's possible that you do not even know what you are up against. Are you looking for help fighting charges of drug possession? Hiring a lawyer may be the right call. Before you do that, here's what you should know about drug possession charges. Your Future Is at Stake [Read More]

Situations Where Employees Should Hire Labor Litigation Attorneys

Many things can happen in a place of work that either aren't ethical or legal. When these situations happen, it's a good idea for employees to hire a labor litigation attorney to get these predicaments resolved effectively. These attorneys will be able to address the following work-related complications. Breach of Contract If you're an employee that has to sign a contract to work with a company, then things may not always work out how they were supposed to. [Read More]

Married Once, Married Twice? What to Know About Bigamy and Polygamy

In certain locations and with certain cultures, being married to several different people at the same time is perfectly normal. Bigamy and polygamy are sometimes confused with each other, so read on and find more about the legal ramifications of such unions. Bigamy and Polygamy Are Not Legal No matter what you may have heard, neither of these creative takes on marriage are legal in any state or any manner. [Read More]

Taming Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Wildcard Exemptions

If you have been putting off filing for bankruptcy because of fears of losing property, you might want to gain a better of understanding of exemptions. Exemptions allow filers to retain their property, but the way they work can be confusing. The below information should help you to better understand exemptions in general and special wildcard exemptions in particular. Understanding Property Loss and Exemptions Make no mistake about it — nothing gets rid of debt like a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. [Read More]